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Nov 02 2011

10 = 10.5

“Mr. Holberg, is 10 the same or different than 10.5?” I had to pause…seriously? After a short pause, “what do you think?” “Yes.” I have a lot of work to do. This might be a semi-digestible pill if my student was in 4th grade. However the student that asked me was an 8th grader. I…

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Sep 05 2011

Erasers, Gunshots, and Soccer

Five days past due on writing this post. I’m behind in a lot of things these days. Emergency lesson plans were due two weeks ago. Late. Two weeks worth of lesson plans uploaded to our curriculum website. Late. 9:30 pm and I want to be sleeping. Late on that too… Outside of working 15-hour days,…

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Aug 01 2011

Institute, Round 2

I want to start off this month’s post by thanking someone for her great insight into my last blog. Vanessa critiqued my post because there were portions that had indirect references to my placement school. While I had tried to be sensitive to my new school regarding its previous staff, I didn’t take all stakeholders…

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Jul 04 2011

Induction, Institute, and Insanity

Induction You will be in Room 321, she said to me as she handed the key over. If you lose the key, it will be $125 to replace. My first thought as a Corps Member in the 2011 Chicago Corps was, “I guess I’ll have to make a copy for $3.00.” The carefree pace at…

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Jun 05 2011

Goodbye Microfinance, Hello Teaching

The car is officially packed. I’ll be departing from Rhode Island Thursday morning for my voyage back to Michigan. It should be a scramble to get everything around in a weekend, but I’ll try to set aside some time to see family and friends (as well as relax) before heading out to Chicago on Tuesday…

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May 01 2011

Time To Move

My Teach For America journey began all the way back in 2006. I had been walking through the Dennison¬†Archway¬†to class at the University of Michigan and saw a sign “Do you want to Teach For America?” It was all black with the text in a white font (disclaimer: I don’t have a perfect memory!). I…

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May 01 2011


Let’s Go! is a monthly blog that will follow my path as I go through Teach For America. Although I am still months from teaching my first day, a lot has already happened and much more will happen before I step into the classroom. In terms of why I am choosing to blog my experience,…

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